Sanctuary Pre Order is Live!


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this cover. I first saw it way back in the spring and it absolutely blew me away: the artist so perfectly captured the claustrophobia against the openness, the juxtaposition of escape and confinement, freedom and fear. I just sat and stared at it for about an hour…


As my agent says, publishing is constantly freaking out with excitement and not being able to say why. But at long last, I’m able to share Sanctuary’s gorgeous cover with the world, and I’m so happy to do so.

You often hear horror stories of authors who hate their covers, or wish they could change major things about them, or find themselves locked into long debates about minor details. I feel so fortunate that I wasn’t in that situation. From the moment I saw this cover, I loved it. We made only one minor tweak (strengthening the claw marks), and even before that, I was pretty happy. Once I saw the finished product, I couldn’t stop staring.

I’m staring at it now.

Seriously. If there are typos, I apologize!

Anyway, the other weird thing about publishing is that preorders go up, like, WAY in advance. So as strange as it feels, you can now preorder Sanctuary — which comes out on July 24! That feels so far away, but I know it will be here before you know it, so please click here to preorder if you’re so inclined — you know I appreciate it!